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The Story behind our Name and Logo

our brand tells a story. A very Important story we all must play a role in creating

Yuludarla Karulbo means dreaming together in English. It is comprised of two Aboriginal words. Yuludarla, the Gumbaynggirr word for dreaming and Karulbo the Yugambeh word for together.

This name has many levels of significance for the founders of Yuludarla Karulbo. On a personal level it represents their past and future journey.

One a wider business and community level it encourages people from all backgrounds to connect with each other and start a journey to create a brighter future.

The hands in our logo represent the coming together of people from all backgrounds. The circles and lines between the hands and the tree are Aboriginal symbols depicting a short journey.

These symbols represent the short journey required to connect with each other, to share ideas, our stories, our goals, and then finally walk together, as depicted by the footprint symbols, to our destination of a brighter future for all, depicted by the tree.

Meet Our Team

Proud Aboriginal people sharing culture and empowering our mob

Norma Boyd


Norma is an Aboriginal woman from Jagera country (Brisbane) with family connections to many other communities . She is a senior custodian of her tribal land & waters with extensive knowledge of culture, lore, and language. She has extensive networks throughout the Indigenous community in Brisbane and beyond. Norma has many years of experience working with children and she is passionate about seeing children and adults engage with culture and grow as leaders in their chosen field.

Lisa Rapley


Lisa is an Aboriginal woman from Gumbaynggirr country in Northern NSW, with qualifications in Business and Indigenous leadership. She has experience in working with multiple Indigenous controlled and focused organisations spaning the fields of community development, human resources, strategy development, relationship building, governance and capability development. She is passionate about empowering Indigenous youth to achieve their goals and keeping Indigenous culture thriving.