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Products and Services

Aboriginal Cultural Activities for Schools

Curriculum and Early Learning framework aligned Workshops covering Aboriginal art, language, stories, bush tucker and more

Our Deadly Young Leaders!

Workshops for Indigenous youth. Coming soon!

Cultural Capability for Business

Cultural awareness and

capability training and cross cultural team building

Indigenous Deigned Products

Showcasing Indigenous designed art, clothing, homeware and more.

Giinagay! Yaam darruy ngiina gaduyaygu.

Hello! Its nice to meet you. Welcome to our website.

Yuludarla Karulbo is a social purpose organisation passionate about sharing Aboriginal culture with our wider community. We are based in Brisbane and at this time we operate workshops in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales

What are our objectives?

Yuludarla Karulbo has two main goals, our first is to share Aboriginal culture with our wider community through our Indigenous designed products, cultural activity workshops and cultural awareness and capability workshops.

Our second goal is to provide opportunities for Indigenous youth to connect back to culture and take part in activities that challenge them and provide learning experiences to assist them in developing the skills required to become future leaders in their chosen field.

What do we offer?

Aboriginal Cultural Activities and Cultural Capability Workshops

Yuludarla Karulbo offers numerous cultural activities, and cultural capability workshop options for everyone including

  • Childcare Centres
  • Schools
  • Businesse

Childcare Centres and Schools

Our cultural activities are great for NAIDOC celebrations and school incursions. Our cultural activities have been developed with National School Curriculum requirements and the Early Learning Years Learning Framework in mind . Some of the activities we offer include

  • Aboriginal Art
  • Language, stories, history
  • Bush tucker
  • Cooking with native foods

Business and Community Organisations

Our cultural activities are great for business too and can be incorporated into NAIDOC day celebrations, Reconciliation Week or team building exercises. We also offer the more traditional services including

  • Cultural Awareness training​
  • Cultural Capability Training
  • Workshops to start your organisation on the road to developing a Reconciliation action plan
  • Workshops on delivering on Reconciliation Action Plan goals and measuring the social impact of your RAP.

Our options can to tailored to meet your needs we are happy to help you work through your requirements! Have a look through our service offerings in the tabs above and feel free to contact us with any specific requests.

Indigenous Youth Workshops and Activities

Social purpose? I hear you say. Nothing I have read so far would indicate a direct social purpose!

Here at Yuludarla Karulbo we are passionate about growing the leadership potential of our deadly youth mob through workshops and programs.

Theses programs will be developed with the input of our youth and communities. Our first initiative is offering Indigenous youth workshops based around connecting back to culture through art, language and stories. 

A percentage of all our cultural workshop programs and online store sales are used to develop and run these programs. Every time you purchase from us you are helping us make these programs a reality.

If you are an organisation working with Indigenous youth and feel that these programs would be of benefit to you please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.

Online Store

Our online store will feature a range of Indigenous designed products, including art designs from our deadly Indigenous workshop participants.

Our website we are updating our product and service offerings regularly, there is much more to come. Check back for new updates :)

In the meantime look around and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again!